The Perfect Uniforms For Fleet & Transportation Employees

As the backbone of many industries, fleet and transportation employees play a crucial role in keeping our economy moving. Dedicated teams of drivers, technicians, and warehouse staff work tirelessly to ensure that goods are delivered on time and intact. Outfitting these teams in uniforms that perfectly suit each line of work will help employees get the job done more effectively and efficiently. 

For fleet and transportation employees, the perfect uniforms are designed to withstand the demands of the job while also promoting safety and professionalism. Below we share what to look for when selecting the perfect uniforms for your teams. 

The Perfect Uniform Provides Safety

One of the most important considerations when it comes to fleet and transportation uniforms is safety. Transportation employees are often exposed to a range of hazards, including heavy machinery, slippery surfaces, and extreme temperatures. To help mitigate these risks, your team needs to be outfitted in the proper safety uniforms

Flame-resistant (FR) garments are perfect for workers transporting and handling flammable liquids. Additionally, outerwear jackets are perfect for keeping employees warm throughout the cold winter. Finally, high-visibility or enhanced-visibility garments are ideal for drivers and warehouse employees working in low-light or high-traffic environments. 

High Visibility or Enhanced Visibility Uniforms?

Enhanced visibility uniforms, which include reflective materials that bounce light back to the source, are perfect for warehouse workers and those in receiving and handling. On the other hand, delivery drivers face constant exposure to traffic and road hazards as they move in and out of their vehicles to make deliveries. For this reason, it is essential for drivers to wear high-visibility uniforms, which help them stand out and stay visible to other drivers and pedestrians. The perfect high-visibility uniform is made with a noticeable, bright yellow/green color and meets ANSI 107 standards for employee safety. 

Comfort is Key

In addition to safety, comfort is a key consideration for fleet and transportation employee uniforms. Drivers, in particular, spend long hours behind the wheel, so it’s essential that their uniforms are breathable, lightweight, and easy to move in. 

Plymate offers a full range of comfortable & stylish rental uniforms. From warm jackets to moisture-wicking work shirts to elastic-waist pants, we’ve got your fleet and transportation team covered.

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Uniforms Put A Face To Your Brand Name

In addition to practical considerations, uniforms play an important role in your company branding. When fleet and transportation employees are out on the road, they serve as ambassadors for your company. 

Aside from an initial sales visit, most interactions between your customer and your brand will happen over the phone or email. As such, delivery drivers often become the friendly faces that customers associate with your company name, making regular deliveries an important opportunity to strengthen your brand’s reputation. Employees whose uniforms are clean, well-maintained, and prominently display their company logo projects a professional image to clients and customers during deliveries. 

In addition, branded uniforms help create a sense of belonging and pride among employees. When employees feel proud to wear their company’s uniform, they are more likely to take pride in their work and go above and beyond to represent the company in a positive light. 

Find The Perfect Uniform At Plymate

Plymate is committed to helping our customers find the perfect uniforms for their unique industries and teams. Because we have our own fleet & transportation team, we understand first-hand the employee uniform needs in this industry. Contact us today to start your custom uniform rental program!