The Right Uniform Makes a Difference When it Comes to Safety

Company uniforms are an essential safety measure for your employees and customers. 

When deciding what type of uniforms you need for your workplace, determine how many uniforms you need and what kind of safety the uniforms need to provide. Do you need to identify different positions with uniform type and color? Determine safety function. Does your staff need protection from potentially flammable materials? Do your uniforms need to be Hygienically Clean Certification in Food Safety?

What Types of Safety Can Uniforms Provide 

The right uniforms for the job can provide a variety of safety measures, from flame resistance to protect workers in hazardous worksites to color-coded uniforms to keep your environment sanitary.

Identifiable Roles 

In many workplaces, it is essential to be able to identify various roles, skillsets and ranks by sight. Color coding uniforms are an excellent method of achieving identifiability. For instance, healthcare delineates different personnel — from nurses to pharmacy techs to doctors — by the color of scrubs. Color-coded uniforms provide a substantial safety measure in patient care settings, ensuring that employees with appropriate credentials perform corresponding tasks. And most importantly, staff members can be quickly identified in case of emergency. 

In addition, coded uniforms can keep your team members safe by determining which staff has received sufficient safety training to perform specific tasks or even be present in work areas with heavy machinery or hazardous conditions. 


Uniforms protect workers from potential hazards on construction sites, manufacturing plants and industrial job sites. Flame Resistant uniforms effectively reduce and prevent injuries caused by flash fires, electrical arcs, or explosions in various work environments like construction sites, manufacturing or auto repair where heat and flammable materials are present. Made out of naturally flame-resistant material or material treated with chemicals to make it flame resistant, FR uniforms don’t melt, don’t easily ignite, and won’t continue to burn once the source of ignition is removed. 

Coveralls and overgarments such as aprons and smocks provide a barrier between workers and potentially harmful liquids, dust particles, aerosols and particles in industries such as sanitation, automotive, agriculture and more.

Along with creating a branding opportunity, outwear such as winter jackets, fleece jackets and vests can keep your employees safe from the elements for those harsh outdoor jobs in the rain, sleet, snow or heavy winds. 

Cleanliness and Hygiene 

Cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority in uniforms for food processing and healthcare facilities to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of disease. Medical scrubs are made of thick, high-quality fabric that prevents fluids from making contact with the skin, preventing or reducing exposure to harmful pathogens. 

Food safety standards are incredibly high for the safety of employees or the general public. Proper food processing uniforms, like labs coats, butcher coats and work shirts, are pocketless to prevent bacteria from being trapped in crevices and contaminating foods. You can also color-code your food processing uniforms like healthcare facilities do; this could potentially avoid any cross-contamination from employees accidentally entering the wrong area.   


Uniforms that provide visibility are the first line of defense on worksites where heavy machinery and vehicles are operated or where potentially hazardous tasks are regularly performed. Bright, visible and reflective vests draw the eye and ensure that your employees are visible from a distance and in all lighting conditions.  

Uniforms offer a ton of safety benefits to employees across a vast number of industries. From healthcare workers to food processing technicians to construction workers, safety is essential to doing the job right. The correct uniforms are the first step. Plymate is your dedicated uniform partner to keep your business looking professional while staying safe. Call us today to get started!