Uniforms for Food Processing and Safety

With a Hygienically Clean Certification from TRSA, we’re ready to outfit your team.

Food Processing Industry Uniform Rental Programs

Food processing uniforms are critical for food production environments, but can pose a risk if they aren’t properly cleaned and well maintained. Plymate provides complete food processing uniform rental services that ensure your uniforms meet food safety standards for safety and cleanliness, prevent cross-contamination, and keep your food processing employees comfortable and productive on the job.

Plymate is Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety

Hygienically Clean Certified Seal

Plymate is proud to be Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety from the Textile Retail Service Association (TRSA). This shows our commitment to providing safe, clean, and compliant garments to a variety of business segments. This Hygienically Clean in Food Safety Certification includes third-party testing, meets HACCP compliance requirements, and regular inspections to ensure we are consistently following proper food processing uniform handling.

Hygienically Clean Food Safety Certified means:

  • Plymate’s employees are trained in food safety standards
  • Plymate’s operations are continuously upgraded to meet safety and efficiency requirements
  • Plymate’s employees understand and follow HACCP and food safety compliance
  • Plymate is OSHA compliant

Food Processing Lab Coats, Smocks, and Work Shirts

Plymate provides durable food processing garments that stand up to the thorough laundering process and meet HACCP Compliance requirements. We also stock cut-resistant garments to protect food processing employees from injury. Plymate’s extensive offering includes:

Specialized Lab Coat

Specialized Lab Coats

The gripper snaps and no pockets ensure no foreign objects, buttons, or otherwise can make their way into the production environment.

Snap Front Coat with Pockets

Snap Front Coats and Smocks

Snap closures on these smocks keep messes away and two side vent openings add extra comfort. No buttons to fall off or catch on to other items.

SP16 Long Sleeve Pocketless Work Shirt

Long Sleeve Pocketless Work Shirt

Snap front, soil release, and wickability; ideal for jobs in food processing.

Plymate follows all food safety industry regulations and performs a stringent laundering process for all food processing employee’s uniforms. You won’t have to worry about viruses, bacteria, cross-contamination, or unsterile garments making it through your doors. Additionally, we closely inspect all garments during the laundry process, make necessary repairs, or alert you when we’ve replaced worn or damaged uniforms.

Plymate Facility Service Programs

Food safety might start with clean uniforms, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. Plymate helps you strengthen & maintain food safety efforts and industry compliance in your facility with our facility service programs. From floor mop rotations to soaps & sanitizer replenishments to towel rentals, Plymate’s facility service rental programs help keep your facility supplies clean, fully stocked, and ready for use. We also provide a floor mat rental service to keep facility floors slip-free, and employees safe and productive.

Trust Plymate as Your Local Food Processing Uniform Provider

Two of our core values are Do the Right Thing and Do it Better. As a local, independent uniform and facility service provider, we have the tools and the capacity to deliver sterile, clean, and comfortable food processing garments to your business. Enjoy world-class service and high-quality employee uniforms, floor mats, and other facility services from a trusted and Hygienically Clean Certified uniform rental company.

View our complete catalog of rental uniforms, and contact us today to get started.

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