While doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who take care of patients are easy to identify with their lab coats and scrubs, all hospital support staff and employees should be outfitted in branded uniforms too.

Plymate offers a wide range of uniform and laundry programs for hospital staff uniforms so everyone is in comfortable, safe, and in clean garments every day.

Hospital Support Staff Uniforms Include:

  • Scrubs: Hygienically clean scrubs for anyone who comes in contact with anything related to patient care
  • Maintenance: building and facility maintenance professionals in the hospital should be easy to spot and represent the hospital anytime they’re in public spaces. FR and other safety garments are available, as are coveralls and jackets.
  • Office/Reception: To support cleanliness and reducing the potential for germs, consider outfitting office and hospital reception employees in clean, sanitized garments for each day of work.
  • Facility/cleaning: custodial and janitorial employees in the hospital are more important than ever – removing soiled items, keeping rooms and common areas clean. Give them clean, sanitary garments that also represent your hospital and instill pride in their work.

Along with uniforms, Plymate has facility service supply programs that can support your hospital with cleaning and sanitizing products.

Facility Service & Janitorial Supplies Include these items below:

Your stock is monitored and replenished on a regular basis. And, any rental program for towels, mops and even mats include regular laundering – removing all dirt, germs and bacteria so items are ready to go whenever needed.

Plymate has a variety of uniform garments and janitorial supply products to suit your healthcare facility needs. Let us help you keep every space clean, fresh, and ready for patients. Contact us today to learn more.