Our Supplies

Convenient weekly delivery ensures you have everything you need for a clean, comfortable workplace.

Ensure You Have Everything You Need for a Clean, Comfortable Workplace

Whatever industry you’re in, you’re likely in need of different facility supplies. Those items aren’t always top of mind in your everyday business, so that’s why we offer a replenishment strategy to make sure that you never run out of the things you need.

Whether you’re looking for cleaning, disposable, or sanitizing products, Plymate has a wide variety of options for your facility. In addition to towels and mops, we can provide your business with dusters, toilet tissue and paper towel dispensers, soaps and sanitizers, and even air fresheners.

A Customized Program for Your Facility

Cleaning and restroom supplies are an important part of any operating facility. Particularly for restrooms, and whether they’re customer facing or kept private for employees, we can help you make sure they’re always looking their best. We offer custom messaging and branding on dispensers, allowing you to personalize your products and continue building brand awareness in all corners of your workplace.

Of course, proper upkeep and stocking of these products takes time, and that’s why we make it a priority to offer weekly deliveries with your uniforms. That’s convenient for your janitorial staff and less worry for you!

We also offer cleaning products of all kinds, including disinfectants and hand soap. Pair them with our microfiber mops and towels, and each and every surface in your building will always be clean and safe for team members and visitors alike.

Foam Fresh Hand Soap

Foam fresh hand soap

Foam Fresh Hand Sanitizer

Foam fresh hand sanitizer

Industrial Hand Cleaner

Industrial hand cleaner

Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper towel dispenser with Plymate logo

Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Toilet tissue dispenser

Center Pull Paper Towel Dispenser

Center pull paper towel dispenser

Plymate Products You Can Trust

With a convenient weekly delivery, you and your team members will never have to worry about running out of restroom or cleaning essentials. Make your facility services program a part of your uniform or mat rental and let the Plymate team handle the dirty work. Consistency and quality are integral parts of how we operate and that extends beyond uniforms. Let us show you how we can provide everything you need for a sparkling clean workplace.

Ready to learn more about the convenience of a facility supplies program with Plymate? Let’s roll! Please reach out to us today for more information.

“We switched to Plymate after a terrible experience with a national competitor. Every conversation I’ve had with any team member has been amazing. Our sales rep Michelle was awesome in getting us set up, and our service reps are so helpful, kind, and respectful. Brandon Phillips does an awesome job of taking care of us. So happy we made the switch!”