Restroom Supplies Replenishment Program

Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue & More

Restroom supplies aren’t an issue until they’re out of stock. You have many different things to manage from employee and customer safety, building maintenance, uniform programs and much more. There’s no need for you to worry about air fresheners, paper products and other restroom supplies. Our team at Plymate is happy to support you in maintaining clean, well-stocked and fresh-smelling restrooms.

Browse our restroom supplies and rental service programs below.

Air Fresheners

Eco Air Fresheners

These air fresheners contain Odouraze Odor neutralizer to effectively fight odors at the source. Premium fragrances last 60 days. Fits competitors’ existing dispensers for easy switchover.

Urinal and Commode Mats

Urinal and Commode Mats

Urinal mats prevent any floor damage from uric acid. These mats are slip-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to dispose of.

Urinal & Anti-Spash Screens

Urinal & Anti-Splash Screens

Eliminate odor, freshens the urinal, saves time and money while lasting 30 days.

Paper towel dispenser with Plymate logo

Hardwound Roll Paper Towels

This dispenser has automatic and manual options, is cost-effective and controlled to reduce waste with touch-free use to prevent cross-contamination.

Center pull paper towel dispenser

Center Pull Paper Towel

A low-cost paper towel dispensing system that is easy to load, touchless and one-at-a-time dispensing that minimizes waste.

Toilet tissue dispenser

Toilet Paper Dispensers & Supplies

  • Our Jumbo Roll dispenser is a high-capacity dispenser that is durable, reduces waste with a sliding door, and customizable for your convenience.
  • Small Core Toilet Tissue dispenser is a space-saving design that provides 1000 sheets per roll and is customizable.

Reach out to us today for more information about a customized replenishment program for your business’s restroom supplies. And, if you’re an existing customer, simply ask your rep during their next visit. Contact us today.

“Plymate is our vendor for our company INHP. They have serviced us for years now! They are efficient and cost-worthy! Customer Service has been great along with dealing with their administration team from time-to-time.”