Uniforms for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Proper garments for those working in the biomedical industry go far beyond just looking good. Employee safety and avoiding cross-contamination are critical elements of biomedical garments, like lab coats, and are the focus of Plymate’s biomedical uniform rental program.

Whether you work in medical research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biomedical research or other health science-related industries, the cleanliness and compliance of your employees and their garments are of utmost importance.

Plymate offers a wide selection of PPE, from scrubs to lab coats, including various styles that comply with USDA, FDA or other government requirements. We can create a full-service program of apparel designed not only to keep your team safe, but also comfortable. All of our lab coats and biomedical garments can be personalized with your logo, too.

Contaminant Free Laundering Process

Garment style and fit is one thing. Our garment-specific laundering processes also ensure all items are properly washed to remove any traces of chemicals, dirt or other contaminants leaving your team with a hygienically clean and professional look.

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