Local Uniform Supplier Vs. National

Why Choose Local

Plymate Local Vs. National Chart

It’s an undeniable truth that local uniform providers outperform national rivals like Cintas & Aramark when it comes to surpassing customer expectations (by 2x as much!)

In a recent survey, businesses that recently transitioned their textile rental and uniform providers were asked to evaluate their new suppliers’ performance relative to their expectations. The findings were conclusive:

  • Local, independent uniform rental companies were over twice as prone to exceed expectations in all the mentioned aspects.
  • On the other hand, companies that switched from a local independent provider to a national chain like Cintas & Aramark were three times more inclined to express dissatisfaction with the new supplier’s service.

*An unbiased study was performed by Market Measurement, Inc., an outside market research firm. The research firm asked companies that rent uniforms and had recently switched from a national supplier to a local supplier to rate their experience after the change.

The Local Impact

Choosing a local uniform provider over a national provider like Cintas & Aramark creates a positive ripple effect impacting the community, the economy, and the environment.  

Community Impact: Owners of local companies donate more to local charities in their area than owners of national companies. They invest more in their community and its future. 

Economic Impact: Purchasing local goods and services keeps money in the community and helps grow area businesses and the tax base.

Environmental Impact: Local businesses tend to support other local businesses, which reduces the need for long transportation. Fewer trucks on the road mean decreased air pollution and traffic congestion.

The Local Difference at Plymate

Plymate is the only significant independent uniform and mat rental company in a majority of the markets that we serve. Our story began in 1930, and under the steady leadership of four generations of Plymate family members, we’ve grown deep, local roots. While national uniform providers have out-of-state corporate headquarters, ours is right here in Shelbyville, Indiana. 

As a local uniform & facilities rental provider, people do business with us because we do what we say we are going to do. Our ethics, people, and size benefit our customers in the following ways:

  • Our size allows us to be nimble, quick, and flexible with customer requests and deliveries. Decisions are made locally and ownership is very involved in the overall satisfaction of our customers

  • We are active members of CSC Network, where we connect with other independent uniform providers nationwide to share best practices & emerging industry trends.

  • Our customers get the best of both worlds: We have invested in industry-leading advanced technology, and through our national network we’re able to extend comparable pricing and offerings as compared to our national competitors. Our people really do care about our customers, and they set us apart. Our Service Representatives are experienced, tenured co-workers who are incented predominantly to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, not to drive top-line revenue and add-on charges.
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Ready to experience the benefits of working with a local uniform and facility services provider?
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“… we have always had outstanding service, timely delivery, and competitive pricing. With over 200,000 annual visitors we are very particular about the appearance and cleanliness of our buildings and Plymate has always helped maintain a clean and professional entry for our seven locations. I give my highest recommendation to anyone looking for mat and/or uniform service to consider Plymate, Inc.”