Plymate’s Route Service Specialist Provides Seamless Customer Care

Employee work uniforms are essential for your employees to get the job done. Any interruption in service or issues with getting the correct workwear delivered on time creates a ripple effect throughout your operation.

Most uniform and floor mat providers rely on fill-in personnel to cover when a rep is out sick, on vacation, or leaves the company. Often, a new or junior employee lacking institutional knowledge of the customers gets thrown onto a route. This often forces the customer to review their service requirements with the temporary rep and wait for their regular service rep to cover additional needs, leading to shortages and potential ‘misses’.

Plymate’s service model offers seamless customer service no matter the circumstances. We believe it’s advantageous to invest additional resources in our customer care team to maintain depth and expertise, which will prevent our customers from feeling pain or angst while their regular service rep is out. This model also helps create upward mobility opportunities within our service department.

Critical to reaching our goal of seamless service is our Service Specialist role. Here’s what sets them and the Plymate customer service team apart from the average “fill-in” rep.

Experience & Dedication

Plymate’s service specialists have seniority – most have been with us for over a decade – and are an extension of the District Manager. They are responsible for helping train new and existing Service Reps on how to best serve and advise their customers. Service Specialists have been promoted into the role and are responsible for learning the ins and outs of their routes to ensure seamless service when they need to step in.

Customer Knowledge

Service Specialists maintain up-to-date notes on the details of each account, including service needs and special requirements, to ensure service doesn’t skip a beat. Service Specialists also receive all communications about their accounts. They are copied on all inbound emails to their service reps and can provide answers and solutions if a representative is on a route or taking care of another customer. This shortens response time back to our customers.

Authority to Act

Service Specialists assist in fittings, installation, and onboarding of new customers to ensure a comprehensive understanding and exposure to that customer’s needs and expectations from the beginning. They can also make updates for the customer, including adding new wearers, ordering new garments or services, and addressing any questions or concerns.

Service Specialists are compensated based on customer satisfaction and retention. This ensures they are continuously focused on exceeding customer expectations and rewarded for their hard work in doing so.

Plymate provides employee uniform rental programs and facility services for organizations of all sizes in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our commitment to running a company dedicated to service excellence is as strong today as it was when we started our business. Family-owned and operated since 1930, we are small enough to work with you one-on-one and large enough to invest in state-of-the-art technology and high-quality product.

Experience the Plymate difference for yourself. Contact us today to learn more about our employee uniform rental programs.