High Vis& Safety Uniforms

At Plymate, helping our customers keep their employees safe is rewarding work. That’s why we offer a wide selection of enhanced and high visibility workwear. Whether your employees are working on the road, at night, or simply moving around dark areas of your building, enhanced or high visibility garments will help keep them visible to others, reducing the risk of accident or injury. 

High Visibility Uniforms

Held to specific ANSI 107 standards, high visibility garments are typically made in bright, fluorescent colors like yellow-green or orange and often include reflective edges and stripes. By design, High Vis garments help your employees to be seen, perfect for high-risk industries like road work and construction. High-Vis garments are broken down into different classes and types for specific industries and worders. They also have requirements for reflective fabrics and fluorescent background materials.

ANSI 107 Standard: ANSI — means the American National Standards Institute, which serves as the U.S. private sector voluntary standardization system, and has for nearly a century.

This standard is set to enhance worker visibility, including guidelines with practical instruction for both reflective material and garment design. There are 3 performance classes of garments, which are based on how the garments are expected to be used and what and activities are being performed.

Designations given are:

  • Type O: Off-road
  • Type R: Roadway and temporary traffic control
  • Type P: Public safety activities

Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

Enhanced Vis uniform garments from Plymate

Enhanced visibility uniforms are perfect for low-risk industries like manufacturing facilities or shipping docks, but still need added visibility for safety. Compared to high visibility garments, enhanced visibility garments are not made with bright colored fabrics. Enhanced Vis is just that – garments that are enhanced with reflective tape around the chests or sleeves on shirts/jackets, and around the lower leg on pants.

Whether you’re looking to outfit all of your employees in safety uniforms, from high vis or enhanced visibility, even FR garments, Plymate is the perfect mate here in Indiana. Locally owned and operated, we’re here to provide the best uniform programs to companies throughout our home state. Contact us to learn more.

“Kokomo Auto World, Inc. began using Plymate, Inc. for our uniform service as well as floormats and janitorial supplies just as the Covid-19 situation emerged. They were able to provide the exact service we signed up for along with supplying us immediately with some products not discussed in our contract.
Their work is above par and consistent. We don’t even have to think about service dates and quality of items delivered.”