Environmental Initiatives

We are committed to making our community a better place for our friends and family. As a locally owned business, we take pride in putting extra effort and time into the things that are important to us like our customers and community. With the health of our planet in mind, Plymate continues to build upon our green initiatives to help create a better environment and do our part.

Our industry is inherently “green” because we keep garments, mats, towels, and more in service as long as they meet our customers’ standards. We also take extra steps to reduce our environmental footprint:

“…Everyone we have worked with at Plymate has been very kind and hospitable. The service is great and all our technicians are happy with the quality of their uniforms. If you are looking to make changes to your current provider, Plymate is your answer. I am happy we chose Plymate.”

-Antoinette Orman
Tynan Equipment Company