Safety Uniforms

Employee uniforms give your staff a professional look. Safety uniforms take employee uniforms a step further, designed to keep your employees safe, protected, and comfortable so they can stay productive on the job. They also help you meet OSHA, NFPA, and other personal protective equipment compliance requirements.

Plymate provides a full range of employee safety uniforms for work environments requiring extra protection. Our uniform rental process makes it easy to ensure your safety uniforms are clean, well-maintained, and durable to keep your employees safe on the job.

Bulwark Men's Midweight Excel Flame Resistant ComfortTouch® Work Shirt - PS_BW_SLW2NV_F

OSHA recommends that any employees that work with or near electrical components be outfitted in FR uniforms. Flame-resistant garments offer your employees increased protection when working where they could be exposed to a potential arc or flash fire.

Easily protect your electricians, linemen, oil or gas refinery workers, chemical processing workers, or paper mill workers with Plymate’s FR uniform rental program.

FR Clothing options include:

  • Flame resistant work shirts
  • Flame resistant work pants
  • Flame resistant jeans
  • Flame resistant knit shirts

Enhanced Vis uniform garments from Plymate

High visibility workwear is clothing designed to make workers more noticeable. High visibility clothing is typically made with fluorescent or reflective materials.

Workers exposed to hazards that require them to be seen by other individuals in industries such as construction, maintenance, utilities, transportation, facility services, emergency response, and public safety need high-visibility clothing to reduce the risk of accidents and injury. In some instances, high visibility clothing is required to meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.

Plymate offers several types of high-visibility garments for every job, including:

  • High visibility work shirts
  • High visibility t-shirts
  • High visibility pants
  • High visibility sweatshirts
  • High visibility jackets
  • High visibility headwear
  • Reflective vests
  • And more!

Enhanced Visibility Workshirt

Line workers, machine operators, warehouse and shipping dock employees, maintenance technicians, and mechanics are just a few occupations that benefit from industrial workwear and employee uniforms. Built tough and designed for flexible movement, safety workwear offers your employees a protective garment that also helps them look professional on the job. Safety workwear protects employees from machinery and hazardous substances while providing a cohesive and professional look for your team.

General workwear includes:

  • Long or short sleeve industrial work shirts
  • Coveralls and shop coats
  • Coats for pharma and food processing
  • Industrial work pants
  • Denim blue jeans
  • Shorts
  • Polo and business casual office shirts

Plymate’s full-service uniform rental program ensures your team members have the protective clothing they need to be safe, compliant, and productive. Our advanced garment tracking system gives you the peace of mind that the garments your team needs to be work-ready are clean, in good condition, and delivered on time.

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Their work is above par and consistent. We don’t even have to think about service dates and quality of items delivered.”