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We run your uniform rental program so you don’t have to.

Plymate’s uniform rental services include all of your uniforms being laundered, steamed, inspected, verified, and delivered on time, every time.

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Branded Uniform Rental Programs

Plymate was founded in 1930 in Shelbyville, Indiana. What first began as a dry-cleaning company has expanded into an extensive uniform rental and facilities service supplier. When you partner with us for your uniform rental program, you are choosing a family-owned and locally-operated uniform provider dedicated to personalized service and advanced technology to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Perfect Mate

Why choose Plymate? When you choose Plymate, you choose a dedicated partner that takes the stress and aggravation out of uniform rental management.

Guaranteed and Complete Deliveries:Trak-Mate Advantage System, our cutting-edge high-frequency RFID chip technology tracks garments within our facility to ensure that all garments are tracked, bundled, and verified before leaving our facility. We also track garments that need special handling or repairs, resulting in consistently accurate deliveries.

Quality Products: We provide quality products for a variety of different industries ranging from automotive shop uniforms to corporate branded apparel uniforms. We are a true advisor and strive to provide the best garment option for each of your departments. Browse our catalog today!

Personalized Service:>As a fourth-generation family-owned business, we’re committed to exceptional customer service. Our tenured service team is always ready to assist you!

Environmental Initiatives:We take extra steps in minimizing our environmental footprint to preserve our limited natural resources.

Compliance: Uniform garments and laundering processes have an impact on nearly every industry. We work with food processing and manufacturing companies, bio and health sciences, and even chemical manufacturing. All involve unique requirements for garment style, handling, and wash processes.

Plymate is Indianapolis’ first choice in uniform rentals.

Here are just a few of the industries we proudly serve:

Plymate Guarantee

If we cannot resolve your service concern to your satisfaction within 30 days, we will:

Cancel your service with Plymate.
Refund your last month’s rental fees in full.
Pay the first month’s rental fees of your new supplier.

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The process of shopping for a new uniform rental service can seem daunting—we get it. Fortunately, we make the process straightforward and simple. Many of our clients begin the changeover process 6 months to a year before their rental agreements expire with other providers, so don’t hesitate to reach out today. We are here to help you find the best uniform rental program for your business needs. Find out why Plymate is Indianapolis’ first choice in uniform rentals!