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You’ve trusted us to keep your employees looking and feeling great with our wide variety of uniform rental options, but have you considered taking advantage of our towel rental service? 

What Is A Towel Rental Service?

When you partner with Plymate to add a towel laundry service to your uniform rental program, managing your business gets even easier. From shop towels to bath towels and microfiber towels, we’re sure to have everything you need to keep your facility clean and running smoothly.

Each week your Route Service Representative will pick up your soiled towels, launder them, and deliver hygienically clean towels to your facility. With our towel rental service, you can trust that you’ll never run out of fresh towels to clean up whatever messes come your way!

The Benefits of a Towel Rental Program

  • Cost-effective: Whether you’re currently purchasing disposable towels or laundering your own, our towel rental programs will help your business cut costs. Our reusable towels are consistently inspected and always replaced when we find they’ve had excessive wear. Say goodbye to the days of bulk ordering disposable towels or replacing yours as they begin to degrade over time.
  • Compliant: When we launder your towels, we clean them using our specially formulated wash cycles to be sure to remove any possible harmful bacteria or contaminants that could be lingering in your laundry bin. If your business works with oils, chemicals, or other hazardous substances, we know how important it is to dispose of them properly, so let us handle it for you!
  • Sustainable: Towel rental services are even environmentally friendly! At Plymate, we take our environmental initiatives very seriously. Not only does a reusable towel rental program help keep paper towels out of landfills, but our laundering process is also environmentally conscious. Our detergent meets EPA Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative standards and we safely filter and reuse water in our wash processes.
  • Stress-free: When you add our towel rental program to your uniform program, there’s no upfront cost. You’ll be invoiced right along with your current program to keep things easy. Our team will even handle the inventory management to ensure your business has the correct amount of towels ready for each day on the job.

Start Your Towel Program Today

Check out our full range of facility services to see everything that our team is ready to help you tackle. Then connect with us today to find out what a towel rental program could look like for your facility!

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Shop Towels

Terry, Cotton and blended shop towels that are made for durability and effectiveness to clean everyday spaces, from wiping machinery, tools, counters and more.

Terry Microfiber wiping cloth

Terry Microfiber Wiping Cloth

14″x 17″Microfiber terry towels, soft and great to use for any space, especially precision manufacturing, healthcare settings and many otters.

Microfiber cloth blue

Microfiber Cloths

16″x16″ Microfiber cloths that provide maximum cleaning effectiveness and durability for your facility.

“We have worked with other uniform supply companies in the past and Plymate is far and above the others in all aspects of business……their entire staff is professional and helpful and always looking for ways to improve the services they provide, while at the same time keeping our costs at a reasonable level.”