Uniforms for School District Personnel

From transportation, bus drivers, and maintenance employees to custodial staff and even office staff, Plymate offers various uniform rental options for school districts.

Not Just for Students!

Clearly identifying employees within schools is important to make them easily recognizable to students, staff and parents. From transportation, bus drivers, and maintenance employees to custodial staff and even office staff, Plymate offers various uniform rental options for school districts.

Why Have a Uniform Rental Program for District Employees?

Teachers are most recognizable to students and parents simply because of the important work they do. We know it takes many different professionals and skill sets to keep a school district or private school running smoothly and safely. Giving them branded uniforms with the school or district logo gives them a sense of pride in the work they do, and the employer they represent.

Who Could Benefit From a Uniform Program in Your School?

  • Janitors and custodial staff: Work shirts, pants and even coveralls to help them get the job done.
  • Transportation employees, bus drivers and maintenance technicians: Comfortable woven shirts for men and women, jackets for drivers, and quality workwear from Red Kap for technicians that includes fabrics that are flexible, with Oil bock, Touchtex technology and more.
  • Food service and cafeteria employees: Ease the burden of food service and cafeteria staff by giving them clean clothes to wear each day. We’ll make sure each garment is hygienically cleaned and laundered, fresh and ready each week! We also understand HACCP compliance requirements for garments used in food service..
  • Maintenance professionals: Building and facility maintenance staff may need FR garments, enhanced visibility and other safety workwear to keep them safe on the job. Whether working on electrical issues, lighting, HVAC issues and more – uniforms keep the safe and easy to recognize in your schools.


mimix shirt long sleeve

Solid Shirt

Red Kap Solid Color Polo Shirt - PS_RK_SK20NV_F

Crew Shirt

Red Kap Short Sleeve Crew Shirt - PS_RK_SY20CH_F

Microcheck Shirt

Red Kap Short Sleeve Microcheck Shirt - PS_RK_SC40NV_F

Comfort Pants

Dickies Beige Comfort Pants - PS_DW_LP17DS_L

Cargo Pants

Dickies Black Cargo Pants - PS_DW_FP53BK_L

Entrance Mats & More. Ideal for Schools, Too.

Keep the entryways, hallways and gym floors safe and clean with an entrance mat rental program. We’ll switch them out regularly from every location, making it easier on your janitorial staff. Even add in a custom logo’d mat with your mascot for gym entrances to show school pride!

Your school system can also benefit from a program for microfiber mops, towel rental and cleaning chemicals. We’ll monitor supplies and ensure you have all the items you need to keep your school clean and safe for everyone.

Microfiber Products

Microfiber products such as towels and mop headers

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals

Paper Products

Restroom paper products: toilet paper, paper towel, hand towels


Brush Mat in Entrance

Set up a uniform program for your school district employees with us. It can be an added benefit for people who work hard to serve the children, and may even help you lower costs. We provide branded apparel, quality brands and a uniform rental program to make it easy to keep your employees in uniform.

Contact Us to Learn More

Every department at a school should have the proper uniform for the job and products to keep the schools clean and safe. Plymate will assist in finding the best fit. Contact us today to learn more.

“Plymate allowed us to move to uniforms that we have never offered to some of our welding lines that have proven to be a cost savings for our plant…. Our biggest issues in the past [with our national provider] was obtaining the correct uniforms the first time, plus getting uniforms repaired and returned to us in a timely matter. Both of these issues have been solved with our move to Plymate.”