Microfiber, Wet & Dry Mop Rental

You never seem to think about a mop until the time comes that you need one–especially a clean one. That’s why we offer mop rental in addition to our other rental programs.

Options for Industrial or Healthcare settings

Whatever your regular facility cleaning routine, Plymate understands the importance of providing the workplace with the correct mop rental service. From microfiber dust and wet mops, to dusters and towel rental options (LINK) you’ll find cleaning products and tools that can be part of your regular rental or replenishment program. Each product is designed for optimal cleaning and durability. The mops are crafted for long-lasting performance and hard to reach places, while towels have rounded edges to prevent unraveling – all to ensure the best type of clean.

A rental program through Plymate guarantees sanitized products for use when cleaning your workplace, which takes away the burden of replacing and finding new facility supplies, while also being environmentally friendly. Reusing and proper laundering of each mop, microfiber towel and duster rather than a one-use product can help out the planet – one wash at a time.

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Industrial Microfiber Flyer PDF

Healthcare Microfiber Flyer PDF