Plymate’s Trak-Mate Advantage System

Guaranteed Complete Uniform Deliveries from Plymate!

Our cutting-edge technology called Trak-Mate, ensures all rental garments scan into our facility the minute the truck pulls in. Once scanned through our portal, your garments are spot-checked at multiple inspection points through our process and validated at final bundling by wearer, verifying what was turned in always makes it back to you the following week. Tired of shortages from your current provider? Get in touch with us to learn more about how our investment in technology and commitment to accuracy can control your costs and yield an overall better partnership!

Plymate - guaranteed complete uniform deliveries infographic

“Changing uniform providers can be a very stressful event, not only for the company but the employees as well. Our employees have been satisfied, thus far, with the change to Plymate. They no longer experience frequent lost/missing uniforms or garments coming back without repairs completed. Everyone we have worked with seems to enjoy working for Plymate, and it shows in the quality of work and customer service they provide. Mascot has enjoyed our Plymate experience so far and looks forward to our continued business relationship.”