Hand Soap & Sanitizer Replenishment Program

Handwashing and sanitization have become increasingly important to avoid germs, especially as the country continues to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Whether you have a uniform or mat rental service with us, we can and do provide replenishment programs for hand soaps, sanitizers, paper products, and other restroom supplies.

We know how important it is to have soaps and sanitizers stocked at all times. Your route service representative makes regular visits to your facility, where he or she monitors and replenishes supplies as necessary. Let us take another thing off your plate so you can focus on the work in front of you.

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Whether you’re making the move from restocking your own soaps and sanitizers or tired of your current supplier, we can help you by creating a consistent replenishment program based on your workplace usage. As a Plymate customer, your route service representative visits on a regular basis to monitor and replenish inventory as needed, and can make adjustments, too.

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