Maintenance Uniforms

Maintenance employees need high quality, professional uniforms they can count on to keep them safe and compliant. Your maintenance staff is often tasked with hazardous jobs; moving around your shop, behind machines, under workstations or up high on ladders. Regardless of the task at hand, they need a uniform that will offer the perfect blend of comfort and safety.

Durable Garments Meant to Keep Them Safe

Protect. Inspect. Replace.

Like most companies, you work hard to promote safety in the workplace. With protective garments and a uniform program from Plymate, you can ensure your employees are outfitted to handle any job that comes their way. Specialty uniforms shirts and pants are made to withstand extreme conditions like high heat, chemical contact, and machine abrasions. Still, even the most well-made clothes won’t last forever. We make sure that your garments are repaired and upgraded as necessary, keeping your employees as safe as possible.

No Missing Garments.

We utilize our comprehensive Trak-Mate garment sorting and tracking technology to monitor all garments through each step in our process. It’s also how we ensure 99.9% complete uniform deliveries.

If your team is interested in updating your uniform program or adding additional safety garments, it’s time to give Plymate a call. We’ve been proudly serving the greater Indianapolis area since 1930. 

“…in my opinion, the transition went very well due to your professionalism and that of your team. I have changed vendors several times over my career, and I am pleased to say you guys have your change over process down to a science. Very good job! Thank you, Plymate, for making it easy and efficient.”