Uniforms for HVAC Techs & Electricians

Service Techs Require Uniforms to Represent Your Brand & Convey Trust

When it comes to professional services company employees like HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers and others, uniforms go a long way in building credibility and confidence when your team is interacting with customers.

These technicians have enough to do from crawling in tight spaces, climbing ladders and keeping major mechanical systems operational. They deserve a uniform that is comfortable, moves with them and gives them a sense of pride in their work and the company they’re representing.

Comfort & Safety in Uniforms

Yes, it is possible to have work uniforms that look professional AND provide everyday comfort for your employees. Plymate can create a uniform rental program that gives them options with clothes that fit great and show off your company’s brand at every customer interaction.

High-Visibility Work Shirts and Outerwear

Enhanced Visibility Workshirt

FR Garments – Work Shirts, Work Pants, and Coveralls

Insulated Work Coverall

Comfortable Touchtex™ Fabrics

Touchtex Pocketless Work Shirt

Wrinkle-Free and Stain-Resistant Uniforms

Soil Resistant or Stain-Free Workshirts

Ready to Talk Uniforms for Your Technicians?

Help your employees bring an even bigger sense of pride to their work with a reliable uniform rental program from Plymate. We’re happy to assist you in creating a rental program for your team. Browse our rental catalog or call us today to get started!

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