Our Floor Mat Rental Services

Clean commercial floor mats make a good first impression!

Why You Should Choose Our Floor Mat Rental Services

We’ve been serving the greater Indianapolis area with the best commercial floor mat rental programs since the 1960s. We start every floor mat program with a careful analysis of your facility to determine the ideal mat combination and the right frequency of service to ensure that your business’s needs are met.

  • Save Time: 39% of custodial time is spent on floor care; a 15-foot mat can trap 85% of dirt
  • Save Money: $1 spent keeping soil outside saves $10 in removing soil inside
  • Prevent Injury: A slip-related injury costs an average of $12,000; defending a slip-and-fall lawsuit costs an average of $50,000
  • Increase Productivity: Standing on a concrete floor for 8 hours can make an employee 33% less productive; anti-fatigue matting increases productivity by 20% to 50%

What Is a Floor Mat Service?

Floor mat rental services are a convenient way to save wear and tear of your flooring and carpeting, save costs relating to cleaning floors, and reduce trip hazards as they trap water and soil at primary points of interest. In addition, mats can provide safer and more ergonomically pleasing work conditions for your employees.

Our process includes an assessment of your business’s needs and a determined schedule your service representative will follow to deliver your clean safety, logo, or entrance mats. And the best part? Leave the cleaning to us. Mat rental services include collection of your dirty or used mats and replacement with clean ones—you don’t have to lift a finger.

WaterHog Plus Mat

Waterhog Mat

Durable and stain resistant with a design that traps dirt and moisture.

Plymate Shelbyville Indiana Fire Department Logo Mat

Logo Mat

Promote your business with our classic curved corner logo mat.

Plymate Scraper Mat

Scraper Mat

Molded grip surface to provide traction and scrape dirt and grime from shoes.

How Does Plymate’s Floor Mat Services Program Work?

Your Plymate representative will manage your mat program and deliver mats to you on time and ready to use—removing one more task from your plate! With decades of experience as Central Indiana’s premier independent floor mat provider, you can trust your rep to rotate mats out appropriately to ensure the safety and comfort of your team.

After our team checks out your building and takes note of what’s needed for you, we’ll be able to provide you with the mats you need and on a schedule that works for you. We can deliver our customers’ mats on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the location of the mats within the facility and your business’s seasonal needs. Our sales and service teams are trained to understand what will work best for each and every floor type.

  • Outdoors: A scraper mat is designed to help remove soil, salt, and sand from the feet of guests walking in and out of your facility. This mat is generally rotated monthly.
  • Inside Vestibule: A brush mat is designed to trap even more soil, salt, and sand from the bottom of shoes and waterhog mats trap excess water and moisture without leaving puddles surrounding a saturated mat.
  • Inside Office: Our unique curved corner logo mats provide a clean and professional aesthetic to your brand and can rest proudly in front of your welcome or reception area.
  • Indoor Facility: We offer a wide variety of nylon pile image and industrial mats for continuous soil and moisture entrapment throughout your building.

Plus, our services are cost effective. You can trust Plymate to do things right, be strategic in determining what your floor mat rental program will look like, and work hard to make sure that your experience in renting mats goes as smoothly as possible.

How Much Does a Commercial Floor Mat Cost?

Programs vary in cost depending on several factors:

  • Style and color of mat
  • Level of customization
  • Frequency of service
  • Service for any additional items

Regardless of what your business needs, you can enjoy no large upfront costs and more colors, sizes, and styles than any of our competitors.

Have questions about our commercial floor mat rental services? Reach out to us today to learn more!