Safety is the number one priority in the workplace, and Plymate has you covered. If your industry works with electrical components, OSHA recommends that you wear Flame Resistant Clothing (FRC). Flame Resistant uniforms offer your employees increased protection when working anywhere they could be exposed to a potential arc or flash fire.

Who Needs FR Uniforms?

While many employers use FR garments for maintenance and electrical work, lots of industries can benefit from the safety that FR uniforms provides. These can include:


Utility linemen

Oil or gas refinery workers

Pharmaceutical workers

Chemical processing

Paper mills

Protect Your Workers with FR Uniforms

We offer a wide selection of FR garments including:

FR Work Pants & Jeans

FR Work Shirts

FR Jackets

FR Coveralls

FR Lab Coats

Enhanced Visibility Apparel with FR component

Additional FR Accessories like gloves or hats


Don’t wait for an accident to prompt you to take action. Let’s discuss our comprehensive line of FR garment offerings today!