Visibility for Clients and Employees

At Plymate, we’re committed to working hard and providing our customers with the best possible garments and service, but we don’t stop there. Those standards also apply within our company. Our employees are what keep our operation running smoothly and it’s up to us to make sure that both our team and our clients are set up for success. In our case, this means providing visibility for our team out on the road.

High Visibility and Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

In several industries and work environments, there’s a need for a higher level of distinguishability. To ensure safety, high or enhanced visibility shirts and vests are needed to keep workers protected and we’re proud to offer rental programs to meet business’s safety needs. Held to very specific guidelines, high visibility garments meet ANSI standards that include fluorescent colors and reflective striping and edges. High visibility garments can often be found in high-risk areas like construction sites and road work. Enhanced visibility still includes bright colors and reflective stripes but isn’t held to ANSI standards; think lower risk industries like manufacturing facilities or shipping docks.

Safety for You and for Us

At Plymate, we know that our service representatives are a huge part of our business, and we work hard to make sure they’re able to do their jobs to the best of their ability. For us, that meant ensuring their safety in every way possible. We’re so proud to have officially outfitted our reps in high-visibility garments! From here on out, you’ll see your representatives in bright yellow and reflective striping, ensuring their safety while servicing our customers. Check out these photos of some familiar faces in their new safety garments!

Employees in their new safety garments

At Plymate, We’re Family

While we’re dedicated to being the Perfect Mate in uniform rental for you and your business, that mentality certainly extends to our own team of employees as well. As a family-owned and locally-operated uniform company, we do our best to keep safety at the forefront. Taking this step in providing our employees with an extra layer of protection is an investment we’re truly proud of. Next time you see your representative, be sure to tell them they look great in fluorescent yellow!

Interested in seeing what Plymate can do for you regarding safety uniforms or otherwise? Contact us to learn more about our uniform, mat, or facility services programs.