The Top Five Benefits of Company Branded Uniforms for Employees

The founder of Plymate, Glenn J, would point at our trucks and say, “That’s our family name. Take good care of it.” With our last name as our brand, we understand the importance of brand integrity.

Your brand is more than a logo and company colors. It’s a commitment to your customers and your promise to deliver. When employees wear a branded uniform, they represent your organization’s mission to your customers, co-workers, and themselves. While it may seem a simple detail, branded uniforms benefit your company culture, increase brand recognition, and improve the strength of your brand. These are the top five reasons you should start branding your employee uniforms.

Create Employee Culture

Like a sports team wearing the same uniform for a game, employee uniforms cultivate a sense of belonging, pride, and teamwork. When employees feel they belong, it improves mental health and reaps substantial bottom-line benefits for companies. According to the Harvard Business Review, a study by BetterUp showed that high belonging was linked to a whopping 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days.

Instant Brand Recognition

When your employees wear your company logo it creates an instant connection with your brand. Whether at your location or onsite at a customer location, customers appreciate the ability to recognize a member of your team.

When your employees are out in public wearing a branded work uni

form or branded apparel, it serves as an advertisement for your organization. Employees wearing quality and professional workwear enhances your company image. Almost any garment can be branded with your logo, from dress shirts and polos to outerwear and high visibility workwear.

Improve Employee Safety

Branded employee uniforms are instantly recognizable and communicate why your employee is there and their purpose. This can be especially helpful for employees who visit or work at your customer’s locations.

You don’t have to compromise the benefits of branded uniforms for safety for your employees that require specialized garments such as fire-resistant materials, hygienically clean certification for food production or biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, and greater durability for a manufacturing setting. A uniform rental company gives you the peace of mind that your employees have clean, safe, and well-maintained uniforms. Your employees can focus on their jobs and be proud to represent their company.

Increase Professionalism

Branded uniforms create a consistent, professional look for your team. From an industrial setting to a corporate office, custom branded uniforms and branded apparel take the guesswork out of what to wear. Uniforms eliminate dress code questions and concerns about “appropriate” workplace attire. And when you work with an experienced uniform company to provide a uniform program, you can be confident that your employees are wearing clean and stylish clothing.

Branded company uniforms and branded apparel give your organization an edge. From building a more robust employee culture to making sure your employees are safe on the job, the simple act of implementing branded employee uniforms goes a long way toward building a successful brand.

Plymate is a family-owned and dedicated company that helps organizations of all sizes brand your business with uniforms, floor mats, and corporate apparel. Let’s talk about how a branded uniform or corporate apparel program can help you reach your company goals.