Clean & Compliant Uniforms In The Tool & Die Industry

In the manufacturing environment, safety on the shop floor is of paramount importance. Metal debris, flammable oils and grease, and loose-fitting clothing can all pose serious risks to employees working with cutting tools and heavy machinery. 

Proper selection, laundering, and handling of employee safety uniforms can help machine tool and die shops mitigate these safety risks and provide a cleaner and safer work environment. 

Clean Uniforms & Safety On The Shop Floor

During the cutting & machining process, various metals & materials often fly off and land on the floor or other surrounding surfaces. These small, sharp metal pieces also tend to cling to employee clothing, which can make uniforms dirty and unsightly and be a safety hazard for employees.

Additionally, manufacturing employees often work with flammable oils & grease, which stains their uniforms and puts them at higher risk of burn injuries. A rigorous washing method is required to remove flammable stains & metal debris from uniforms properly, which often cannot be achieved with home washing machines. Thus, many tool & die machine shops take advantage of uniform rental programs. 

Loose-fitting clothing also poses a safety risk for employees working with and around cutting tools & heavy machinery. Frayed edges or loose sleeves can easily get caught in machinery, quickly leading to serious accidents. 

Safety Regulations & Uniform Compliance

Providing employees with clean, fitted uniforms helps shops stay in compliance with OSHA safety regulations for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). OSHA’s regulations state

Worker in Bulwark safety uniform fixing machine“All personal protective equipment should be safely designed and constructed, and should be maintained in a clean and reliable fashion.”





Working with a safety uniform expert who understands your industry will help guide you through various uniform options, selecting the proper uniforms & fit for each employee on the shop floor while also taking care of proper laundering & uniform maintenance. 

The Plymate Process

Plymate has been working with several tool & die shops throughout Indiana for years – check out our client testimonial video from Major Tool & Machine! We think it’s safe to say we understand the industry and its unique safety uniform needs. We have fine-tuned our uniform rental process to help our customers identify the right uniforms for their employees and to help them stay in compliance with safety regulations by handling uniform laundering & maintenance. 

When partnering with Plymate on a uniform rental program, we help your team:

  1. Identify proper safety uniforms
  2. Fit each employee for their uniforms
  3. Rotate clean uniforms & launder soiled uniforms
  4. Repair or replace torn & damaged uniforms

We help take the work & worry out of maintaining proper uniforms for employees! Contact a Plymate representative today to learn more!