Switching to Plymate is Easy with Our 5-Star Action Plan

We understand that transitioning to a new uniform provider can seem like a daunting and tedious process. However, if your current uniform provider is not living up to your expectations, switching providers might be necessary for your business. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that making the switch to Plymate is easy with our 5-star action plan.

1. Program Review and Confirmation 

We start our relationships with our clients off right from the very beginning. From the first point of contact to the day you sign your service agreement, Plymate is taking your needs, requirements, and dreams of your ideal uniform program into consideration. 

During the first step in our transition process, our skilled team gathers every detail about your uniform and mat rental program needs. Do you need lab coats that snap instead of button? No problem. Want a quality logo mat for your office? We’ve got you covered! The details are never overlooked when you choose to partner with Plymate.

2. Prepare for Uniform Fitting

After the account has been signed, we’ll move to the next step in the process, preparing for uniform fittings. During this step, we will schedule uniform fittings, talk more about your specific uniform needs, and establish a firm relationship you can trust moving forward.  

3. Uniform Fitting & Preparation for Initial Delivery

Once every employee is fitted for their uniform, we determine the first date of delivery and finalize plans in our Blue Folder organization meeting. From accounting to discussing the dropoff location, we will be chatting about it all in this meeting to ensure an easy transition for your team.  

4. First Delivery

This brings us to your first Plymate delivery! You will be introduced to your Plymate District Manager and Service Representative. They will help with distributing your new uniforms and installing product storage for facility supplies. Our process puts all the work on our team and takes the pressure off of you, so you can focus on what’s important, your business. 

5. Plymate conducts a 5-Star Installation Review (30 days post-installation)

Our Installation process wouldn’t be 5-star without the 5th step in the process: an installation review 30-days post-installation. Here we hold a Service Department follow-up meeting to identify areas of improvement, new customer needs, and your level of satisfaction with our services. 

The 5-Star Difference

Plymate is 5-star because we ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our services. As a family-owned and locally-operated uniform provider, we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs. With our advanced Trak-Mate technology, we assure 99.9% complete uniform deliveries. 

Plymate Guarantee

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with our services, we will work with you to make it right. If we cannot resolve a concern to your satisfaction within 30 days, we will follow our Plymate guarantee to:

  1. Cancel your service
  2. Refund your last month’s rental fees in full
  3. Pay the first month’s rental fees of your new supplier

Nobody else does it quite like Plymate does, and we guarantee once you switch to local, you’ll never go back! Are you ready to make the switch? Contact us today.