Stop Slippery Floors This Winter with Plymate Floor Mats

The cold weather months approaching mean more rain, sleet, and snow. These nasty weather conditions can bring dirt and water into your business which can cause hazardous conditions for employees and customers. How does a business alleviate the tough weather and unsafe conditions? By investing in a high-quality floor rental service from Plymate! We have provided exceptional service to the greater Indianapolis area for over 60 years. We start every floor mat program with a careful analysis of your facility to determine the ideal mat combination and frequency of service to ensure that your business’s needs are always met. 

The Waterhog Mat – A Slip Resistant Solution

The winter months are fast approaching here in Indiana, and Indianapolis picks up an average of 21.2″ of snowfall during these months. With these harsh weather conditions, you are going to need a high-quality, durable, and slip-resistant floor mat. This is where our Waterhog floor mat comes in. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, it is stain-resistant and can trap dirt and moisture, ensuring your floors stay clean and dry!

Our Waterhog floor mats offer many benefits during the winter months such as:WaterHog Plus Mat

  • Traps and holds high volumes of water, snow, salt, and sand to keep it off your floors
  • Rubber construction ensures snow and ice won’t stick and damage the mat
  • Drainage holes prevent standing water puddles from forming
  • Scrapes ice and snow off shoes with its nibbed surface
  • Avoids shifting or bunching up due to its rubber backing
  • Durable even in freezing temperatures

Complete Entryway Mat System

While the Waterhog mat provides excellent protection right inside your doors, we recommend using it as part of a complete Plymate entryway mat system. This ensures you get the maximum soil and moisture trapping results.

Outside your entrance, we recommend our scraper mat. This coarse mat scrapes the heavy debris, salt, and sand off shoes before entering your building.

Inside, our Waterhog mat traps excess liquid and salt tracked in. Then farther inside, our carpeted mat continues absorbing any remaining moisture or dirt.

This layered mat system keeps up to 95% of contaminants from ever reaching your floors!

Professional Mat Maintenance

Plymate team member rolling mat cart

To maintain peak performance, your mats require regular cleaning and maintenance. Our floor mat rental service includes scheduled pick-up and delivery of your soiled mats and replacement with fresh, clean mats.

By handling the dirty work of cleaning your mats for you, we ensure they continue effectively trapping dirt and moisture all winter long. Our team can assess your traffic needs and patterns to design a custom mat replacement schedule

You can read more about our Floor Mat systems with this blog here!

Contact Plymate Today!

Don’t let winter weather drag dirt, snow, and moisture into your facility creating hazards and floor damage. Call Plymate today to get a tailored floor mat and floor care program designed specifically for your business! Our team is here to help keep your floors clean, dry, and safe all winter long with our slip-resistant mat solutions.