Program Your Floors and Your People This Winter with a Floor Mat System from Plymate

Snow, ice, freezing rain… Winter weather in Indiana is unforgiving and impacts just about everything. Some are more obvious, like an increase in colds and flues and longer travel times. Others we may not think about. Like how snow, ice, and salt can create excessive damage to your building’s floors. In addition to damage, wet, slippery floors are a breeding ground for costly employee slip, trip, and fall incidents.

While we can’t stop old man winter from coming to Indiana, Plymate can help you protect your floors and your people from issues caused by snow and ice with reliable floor mat service.

How Winter Damages Your Floors

Moisture and floors do not make for good company. Snow and rain tracked into your building leaves standing liquid, which can stain, warp, and fade hard floor surfaces. It can also create mold and mildew in carpeted areas. Cold snow and ice melting on warm floors intensify these issues, accelerating warping and staining. When tracked into your building on shoes and boots, the salt and sand mixtures that melt ice on sidewalks and parking lots can also leave stains, corrode floor finishes, and scratch floor surfaces.

Floor Mat System

A floor mat system is your best defense against floor damage and slip and fall incidents. Floor mat systems help you save time and money. On average, 39% of custodial time is spent on floor care. Every dollar spent on keeping soil and water outside your building saves $10 in removing it from the inside.

Plymate’s three-point mat system works together to trap moisture from snow and ice and salt, dirt, and debris particles at the source and contain them. We use three types of floor mats throughout a building to prevent liquid and salt from ruining your floors.

Scraper Mat

Used outside of building entry points, a scraper mat is designed to help remove soil, salt, and sand from the feet of guests walking in and out of your facility. This mat is generally rotated monthly.

Waterhog Plus Mat

In a vestibule or inside a doorway, Waterhog Plus mats trap excess water and moisture without leaving puddles or allowing moisture to leak, even when the mat becomes saturated.

Carpeted Mat

Carpeted mats are used throughout your building for continuous soil and moisture entrapment.

Floor Mat Services Program

Floor mats protect your floors and people, but you must consistently clean them to ensure performance. Plymate takes the burden of maintaining your floor mats off your shoulders with our cost-effective floor mat maintenance and delivery service.

Plymate provides a fully managed service for your floor mats, including mat cleaning and rotation of fresh mats through our pickup and delivery service. We’ll strategically review your building to determine the best floor mats for each space and the frequency of delivery service to ensure your needs are met.

Plymate offers a large selection of floor mats in many colors and sizes, various types of mats including anti-fatigue floor mats, and custom branding and logo options. Our service ensures that your mats are well-maintained and look great too!

As the saying goes, “Winter is coming.” And it will be here before we know it. Let Plymate help you prevent floor damage and take care of your people this winter with a floor mat plan that fits your business needs. Contact us today!