Plymate Celebrates 90 Years!

Today marks 90 years since Plymate was founded, and we’re celebrating! As a family business that’s stood the test of time, we’re proud of hitting this huge milestone. Did you know that around 30% of family businesses make the transition to the second generation? From there, 12% make it to the third, and only 3% are still operating at the fourth generation level and beyond.

The longevity of our business is truly remarkable. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the strong foundation Plymate was built on. It’s this foundation that’s truly allowed us to grow and flourish.

A Look Back

Glenn J. Plymate, founder 90 years agoPlymate was originally founded in 1930 by Glenn J. Plymate. The company was started as a dry cleaning operation, launched with the same customer-first approach we still uphold today. With a business built on the family name, he wanted to make sure Plymate stayed committed to the highest ethical standards.

Over time, Plymate evolved primarily into a uniform and mat rental business, still family owned and operated. Plymate Inc. is now run by Todd Plymate (President), Terri Plymate Warnecke (Vice President of Sales), Ben Warnecke (4th generation family member) and other members of the senior leadership team.

Plymate Today

So how do we achieve this kind of longevity? Largely through a strong sense of connection and identity. Todd, Terri, and Ben maintain their connection in every area of decision-making, whether those decisions are about large-scale strategy or small day-to-day tasks.

We believe we’ve created a true culture of commitment and purpose over the years. We’ve avoided layoffs during downturns, promoting from within and investing in our people. And we’ve always believed co-workers make the difference. We see firsthand how co-workers who are well-trained and care about their work provide exceptional customer service. Staying true to our original identity has served as a reliable compass through the generations.

Thanks to everyone—leadership, co-workers, customers, and beyond—who have contributed to these last 90 years of Plymate’s success. Here’s to more great years ahead!

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