Going the Extra Mile to Stay Healthy and Safe

As a provider to healthcare facilities, agriculture, critical manufacturing, trucking companies, and public utilities, Plymate has remained open as an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. We embrace our responsibility as a provider to so many other critical and essential businesses. We supply them with products they rely on to deliver safe and quality services to their own customers.

“Safety is our number one priority 365 days a year, but it has become especially important over these past couple of months,” says Steve Ferguson, our Vice President of Production. “We are taking every precaution to keep our co-workers healthy and safe.”

Stepping Up Precautions To Stay Healthy and Safe

Plymate has implemented various in-house guidelines, especially in community areas, to aid in the efforts to work in a healthy and safe environment. Co-workers and managers sanitize their work stations a minimum of two times a day including all computer screens, time clocks, microwaves, handles, restrooms, and break rooms. In addition, each co-worker was provided with masks which are worn at all times in the uniform and mat plants and anytime they leave their office. Physical dividers have been installed in areas where co-workers must come closer together in proximity. All breaks and lunches were moved from the break room to our respective vehicles. Finally, all in-person meetings have been moved to virtual Zoom calls.

Our service department has also implemented necessary guidelines to keep cross-contamination from occurring.

“Each day, our guys are sanitizing their entire trucks, including their cabs,” says Tim Uhlmansiek, Vice President of Service. “They wear masks and gloves with every customer and protective coats when necessary. All soiled garments are now placed in their own plastic bag on the trucks, and hand sanitizers were installed on each of the trucks. We’ve also introduced more products to our customers to help them stay safe within their organizations as well.”

On top of our production and service teams keeping their areas safe and clean, Plymate has seen many members from different departments stepping in to help out whenever and wherever they can. Whether helping to make masks, cleaning, sanitizing, or joining the production lines, we’re proud to see all the extra effort put forth.

Ferguson calls the coworker response “terrific” in the rapidly changing environment. “Everyone understands that every new step is a necessary precaution to ensure their own safety as well as our customers’,” he says. “We’re in the business of safety with our mats and sanitized uniforms. Our co-workers get that, and go above and beyond with every request. We’re very lucky to have the group of people here that we do.”

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