7 Habits of a Successful Sales Team

A successful, motivated, and engaged sales team is GOLD to almost any organization. But success in the sales world doesn’t just happen by chance. Like anything, it’s a skill that gets better with practice and knowing exactly what to focus on for great results.

Here at Plymate, we believe we’ve cultivated a sales team of GOLD! Our dream team possesses energy and charisma both collectively and individually, and it’s infectious. How did they earn their success? By cultivating these 7 all-important habits.

Build trust

Every exceptional sales team knows it’s vital to build trust and credibility with our prospects and new customers. The backbone of Plymate is our customers. Because of this, we treat prospects and customers with respect. Gaining deep knowledge of their businesses builds the trust and rapport necessary for ongoing relationships.

Never stop learning

Reading books and having book discussions as a team is an activity that has become fun and interactive. Continued training on sales skills and product knowledge is a testament to our commitment in our belief system. The core value, do it better, is at the forefront as we plan sales training opportunities.

Set high goals

Our team has structured goals (and they aren’t afraid of big ones). Each team member actively holds themselves accountable to their goals. Every healthy sales team loves a challenge. Our goals and metrics are publicly shared and discussed routinely with coaching for improvement as necessary.

Communicate regularly

As a team they communicate and collaborate on a consistent basis. Our team members are always willing to help one another, sometimes checking in with each other daily.

Manage time well

To meet goals and stay successful, our sales team must—and do—possess excellent time management skills. And so our sales staff knows through experience: time is money!

Keep promises

In lockstep with one of our core values, do the right thing, our sales team never makes promises to prospects that they and Plymate cannot keep. Keeping our word is the foundation of establishing trust, and something we take very seriously here at Plymate.

Celebrate successes

Nothing is more inspiring (or fun!) than celebrating achievements. After all, who doesn’t want to be recognized? Hard work and results deserve to be noticed, spurring the team forward in positivity.

Our dream team consists of 8 players: 5 professional sales representatives: Jerry Moore, Michelle Ricketts, Brian Sims, Jim Sleeth, and Jacob Smith; a sales and marketing support person, Ashley Nolley; our sales manager, Gary Larrison; and VP of sales, Terri Plymate Warnecke. They have an aggregated 10-year tenure, an unprecedented statistic which we are so proud of. Plymate is fortunate to have one of the best sales teams in the industry!

2 thoughts on “7 Habits of a Successful Sales Team”

  1. I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Sims, he has always been a team player and a highly motivated sales professional, enthusiastic,with a winning attitude. Congratulations on your team and 7 highly effective habits. I enjoyed the read and the amazing team effort.

    • Thanks for the nice comment, Gena! Brian has been all the things you described, and he was very appreciative of your kind words!

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