Better For Environment

Microfiber products can dramatically reduce the usage of water and harmful chemicals. The tiny fibers are equipped to get into small spaces that traditional fibers can’t reach and require far less liquid needed for deep cleaning.

Safer for Workers

Microfiber mops hold 10-20 times less liquid than cotton mops, making them much lighter and easier to use for janitorial staff.

Increased Cleaning Power

Densely woven nylon fibers create a net-like surface that traps much more dirt and moisture than cotton. In fact, the nylon component produces a static charge that actively attracts dirt, pulling it in and trapping it until the pad is washed.


Our microfiber products are designed for industrial use; maximum cleaning effectiveness and durability are priorities. Cloths and mops are engineered with folded or piped edges for long-lasting, optimal performance that stands the test of time.

Better Disease Prevention

Proper usage helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare facilities. Using one microfiber pad per room significantly lowers cross-transmission and cleans more effectively.

Plymate is proud to provide our microfiber program to schools, healthcare facilities, and more. Our team trains custodial staff on proper microfiber usage and provides recommendations on inventory levels—everything needed to ensure safer, cleaner facilities. Ask us about our microfiber program or request a sample today!