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At Plymate, we believe in the importance of forging strong partnerships with suppliers who align with our values and dedication to excellence. That’s why we are excited to collaborate with DEEM to offer the highest quality uniforms.

DEEM has been at the forefront as a multiple-trade construction contractor, and it is important that they represent DEEM well with the apparel they where. 

DEEM is not just our neighbor from Indianapolis; it also shares our hard work and treats the customer right.

DEEM Uniforms & Apparel 

Your employees represent the forefront of your business, and Plymate is committed to equipping your team with top-tier uniforms that reflect a professional company image. Our collaboration with DEEM ensures that we can outfit your employees in uniforms that are not just durable, but also comfortable.

Whether it’s custom embroidery, precise logo placement, or specialized garments tailored for sectors like manufacturing, electrical, and more, we have the essential uniforms your team needs to maintain and foster a professional image that truly embodies your brand. Explore the available uniform products through the links above or get in touch with a Plymate representative today.

Click the links above to browse available uniform products or contact a Plymate representative today