You Asked, We Answered!

We often receive questions by prospective customers and curious inquirers, which we’re always happy to answer. Whether it’s a question about our services and programs (we have more than you might realize!), our technology, our philosophy, or just the way we do things around here, we love to talk about Plymate and what makes us different. Today, we’re answering some of the questions we get asked the most!

What types of services can Plymate provide?

We provide uniform rental, floor mat rental, facility services (shop towels, fender covers, restroom products, kitchen towels, aprons, lab coats, etc.), microfiber cleaning products, First Aid, and Corporate Logo Apparel.

Why should we have a uniform and/or mat rental program?

Uniform programs promote unity, save employees expenses associated with buying work clothes, help brand your business, and can improve the overall image of your company. It also provides peace of mind knowing your employees are presentable to customers, and provides identification and security when your employees are providing services where they enter homes and businesses.

Mat rental programs save wear and tear of your flooring and carpeting, save cost relating to cleaning floors, and reduce trip hazards as the mats trap water and soil at the primary points of entrance! In addition, anti-fatigue matting provides safer and more ergonomically pleasing work conditions for your employees.

What makes Plymate different than other uniform and floor mat suppliers?

Plymate’s biggest differentiator from our competitors is our family-owned, customer-focused business model. We’re a family operated business and have been since 1930,  maintaining a 97% customer retention rate year after year because we don’t treat our customers like a number. Because of our flat organizational chart, we can be flexible and nimble in our decision making. This allows us to provide program customization beyond what the large publicly traded competitors are able to. We also pride ourselves on being an ethical business, and have the awards to prove it.

But our biggest difference is our people. We hire well, pay well, and spend the resources on having the most highly trained co-workers in the industry! Everyone from our production, service, sales, and leadership team takes pride in our company and the services we provide to our customers. The average tenure of our co-workers is 10 years.

My current supplier is always shorting me on my uniform deliveries. How do I know your company won’t do the same thing?

Uniform shortages are the most common complaint in our industry. That’s why Plymate invests in Trak-Mate System, which tracks every garment like a hawk!

Do I have to sign an agreement?

Our industry is predicated on contacts. So all of the companies in our industry, including Plymate, require a contract. Contracts ought to be a 2-way agreement protecting both the customer and Plymate.

How do I end my contract with my current supplier?

The first step is to be mindful of the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. Plymate’s contract template is customer-friendly with easy-to-read terms absent of any loopholes. Be aware of the Contract Expiration Date (CED). It’s important to know if your contract has an “Automatic Renewal” clause. If so, you’ll want to make note of the date of your CED and follow the guidelines in the contract of cancelling the automatic renewal. Each provider has different criteria/terms.

What is the Plymate Promise?

The Plymate Promise, sometimes referred to as our Guarantee, is our commitment to our customers that we will do what’s right. We pride ourselves on our customer retention rate, but we also know we aren’t perfect. If you have any problems with your Plymate services, we promise that if we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction within 30 days, Plymate will rip up your contract, refund you for your last 30 days with Plymate, and pay for your next 30 days with your new supplier.

What types of industries do you service?

We serve Auto Dealerships, Auto/Truck Maintenance, Biomedical, Construction, Electrical, HVAC, Hospitals, Maintenance Departments, Manufacturing, Municipalities, Plumbing, School Systems, Service + Delivery, Tool + Die, Warehouse, and more.

Do you have a question we didn’t answer above? Let us know! We’re glad to talk through anything you may be wondering about.