Why It’s Important to Invest in a Facility Service Program

A larger warehouse space, a company vehicle for transportation, a coffee machine in the breakroom…These are all examples of investments businesses make for the better of their operations, employees, and customers.

Another important and impactful investment is partnering with a facility service program. From floor mat rentals to mop rentals to restroom supply replenishment programs, these programs keep you fully stocked with the supplies you need to maintain a clean facility. 

Below we explore the benefits of a facility service program, specifically, how they can make your operations more efficient, boost employee retention & workplace satisfaction, and enhance your company image.

Increasing Efficiency in Operations

Efficiency is the backbone of any successful operation. Facility service programs can significantly contribute to streamlining your cleaning operations, saving time, and increasing productivity in the workplace. 

Floor mat in front of entranceIn fact, did you know that 39% of custodial time is spent on floor care? Especially here in Indiana, custodial teams can spend a significant amount of time and resources keeping floors dry & clean during all four seasons. However, a 15-foot mat is known to trap 85% of dirt, which means a floor mat rental program that keeps your floor mats clean & placed in the right areas, reduces the amount of time spent on floor care.

By outsourcing the management and replenishment of essential supplies such as floor mats, and even mops, towels, and restroom supplies, you & your janitorial team can focus on more important responsibilities & tasks without worrying about running out of supplies or managing inventory. 

Hear from our customers at Columbus Regional Hospital on how Plymate’s facility service programs help streamline their cleaning process and contribute to the health & safety of their patients and staff. 

Boosting Employee Retention & Workplace Satisfaction

Not only do facility service programs help to increase efficiency in your operations, they also play a pivotal role in boosting employee retention & workplace satisfaction. 

Clean public restroomConsider the impact of clean restrooms, for instance. Clean and fully-stocked restrooms not only contribute to a positive image of the company but also have a direct influence on employee satisfaction. If a company doesn’t care enough about their employees to maintain clean restrooms, then employees are less likely to be satisfied with the workplace and unhappy with their jobs & their employer. On the other hand, when employees are provided with clean restrooms & facilities, they are more likely to feel valued and appreciated by their employer.

By maintaining a clean restroom, workspace, breakroom, or any other workplace environment, employers can show they care for the health & safety of their employees. Facility service programs assist employers with this task by replenishing paper products, soaps & sanitizers, and other restroom supply needs on a regular basis, so there is never a shortage.

Enhance Your Company Image

Enhancing your company image is crucial for building a positive reputation and attracting both customers and potential employees. Facility service programs play a vital role in achieving this goal by helping to maintain a clean and presentable environment. 

Floor mats that prevent slipping and falling, dry floors, a fully-stocked and clean restroom, are all signs that your company prioritizes the well-being and comfort of everyone who enters your premises. 

By investing in facility service programs, you demonstrate your dedication to the health, safety, and overall satisfaction of your employees and customers, thereby enhancing your company image both internally and externally. This makes it a worthwhile investment for any organization no matter your industry. 

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