When Plymate Promises, They Deliver: A Look Inside Their Service Commitment

In the competitive landscape of uniform and facility services, Plymate has carved a unique niche for itself, not just through its range of products but through a deeply ingrained philosophy of customer satisfaction and service guarantee. At the heart of Plymate’s value proposition is a commitment clause known affectionately as the “Plymate Guarantee.” This commitment is more than just words on paper; it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Plymate Guarantee stands as a bold declaration of the company’s confidence in its services. According to Ben Warnecke, the President of Plymate, this guarantee is a significant differentiator, setting the company apart from its competitors.

“We feel it’s a way for us to differentiate from our competitors and we stand behind the level of service and quality that we promised on the front-end,” Warnecke said. “It is not lip service. There is no reading between the text. It is very, very clear what we are holding ourselves to.”

The Plymate Guarantee is our commitment to high quality service

It’s a promise that if Plymate fails to resolve an issue with an ample amount of time, the customer has the right to terminate the agreement. Moreover, Plymate takes it a step further by covering the first month of service with a competitor, showcasing an unparalleled level of confidence in their service quality.

“We have had to exercise this in the past. I remember before I joined the company, there was a time when we put a new customer in a white garment that should not have been in a white garment. They were in a pretty heavy soil industrial environment. They wanted white and we said ‘okay’,” Warnecke said. “Overall, we just could not keep the garment to the level of the bright white that they wanted and we had to exercise the clause and we stood behind what we said.”

This ethos extends into the sales strategy, where Plymate’s role is not just that of a provider but as a true advisor to their customers. They recognize the importance of aligning customer needs with the right products. “We always say that we want to be a true advisor, not just selling business because it’s a boost to the top line. So we are pretty particular and we know how important it is of putting customers in the right goods from beginning.”

“We want to make sure we are showing them the right options. We press to always do a walkthrough early in the process so that we can see with our own eyes what the environment, who is wearing what, and what the garments are exposed to so we can make the right recommendation.”

Here is what Plymate is committed to

Gary Larrison, Plymate’s Sales Manager, echoes Warnecke’s sentiments, emphasizing that the Plymate service commitment is a promise that the sales team cannot make promises that the service team cannot support.

“We are partnering with clients, and we promise to hold up our end of the agreement.  I explained that we have been offering this guarantee for 20+ years and have only had to walk away from a couple of customers over that time,” Larrison said. “Our sales team can’t make promises that the service team can’t support.

This cohesive approach ensures that every team member, from sales to service, is aligned with the company’s core values, fostering a culture of trust and reliability.

Moreover, Plymate’s approach to customer service is not about meeting the industry standard but about exceeding the customer’s expectations. Larrison highlights that Plymate uses the phrase “to YOUR satisfaction” when discussing service delivery, which contrasts sharply with competitors who might rely on vague standards. This personalized approach to customer satisfaction ensures that Plymate’s services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, further solidifying its position as a customer-centric organization.

In a market where trust and reliability are paramount, Plymate’s service guarantee stands as a beacon of excellence. It’s not just a clause in an agreement but a reflection of the company’s unwavering commitment to its customers. Plymate’s approach is a lesson in how businesses can build trust and loyalty by not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations, one guarantee at a time.