We’re Here, Indiana

We might not be the first industry you think about

We might not be the ones who make the news

We might not be the most glamorous

You might not even know we exist

But we’re here

Working every day

Washing every day

Driving every day

Delivering every day

Servicing every day

Helping every day


As the world slows down in fear

We’re speeding up

Laundering hospital scrubs

Washing your work uniforms

Delivering essential cleaning supplies

Replacing dirty floor mats with clean ones


We’re your local uniform and floor mat service company

From the east

To the west

Throughout this beautiful state

We’re more committed than ever to you

Our communities, friends, families, and customers

And on the other side of this dark tunnel

We’ll still be the company in the background

Continuing to serve

You, Hoosiers!