Uniform Rental Programs for Tech Businesses

Several cities across the nation have experienced a tech boom in the last few years, and Indianapolis is no exception! As technology businesses and organizations grow in terms of space and team members, so do their needs for garments, facility supplies, and mats. As a trusted provider in the greater Indy area, Plymate is your go-to for whatever your tech business needs.

Uniform Rental Programs

Some businesses take the casual route these days, but if you’re looking to ramp up your reputation and build brand awareness, uniform rental programs are a great option! Not only do they take away the stress of figuring out what to wear each day, but they’re proven to foster camaraderie amongst team members and increase productivity. Whether you’re looking for t-shirts and outerwear or something a little dressier like polos, we have plenty of options for your tech business to customize and make your own.

Mat, Mop, and Towel Rental Programs

The actual floors and surfaces of your office may hardly cross your mind, but if you’re concerned with keeping your space clean and free from dust and other messes, we also offer mat, mop, and towel rental programs. Whether it’s promoting your business with entrance mats, keeping your white boards clean, cleaning up messes at your desk, or handling the ever-changing weather here in the Midwest and the messes it may track in, we can help you keep clean towels, mops, and mats ready for use whenever you need them.

Replenishment Restroom Supply Program

You’re busy out there providing tech solutions to the Indianapolis community and beyond—don’t let forgetting about bathroom stock supplies ruin your day. With a replenishment program from Plymate, we can routinely check your items, ensuring that you never run out of paper products, soap, or sanitizer, keeping your restrooms fully stocked and your focus on the work that really matters.

Tech, Meet Tech

We’re also proud to offer Trak-Mate, Plymate’s garment tracking system. With this cutting edge technology of our own, we’re able to guarantee complete deliveries every single time. Trak-Mate elevates our business and allows us to confidently work with our customers with greater efficiency all around!

With Plymate, you’re more than just a client. We want to create a plan that fits your business and supports your success. Contact us today to learn more about our services.