Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean this Spring

Spring is a time of year when we all look forward to warmer weather and sunshine, but it also brings with it the challenge of keeping our floors clean and dry. Heavy rains and mud can quickly mess up floors, leading to an increase in slip and fall hazards and costly repairs. However, by following a few simple tips, you can keep your facility floors in top shape during the spring months.

Make A Plan

There are some weeks when it may seem like that yellow “Caution Wet Floor” sign has a permanent place in your lobby, entranceway, or warehouse floor. One of the most important steps in keeping your floors dry & clean is to develop a floor maintenance plan. 

You need to develop a consistent cleaning schedule. High-traffic areas should be cleaned daily or several times a day, while low-traffic areas may require weekly cleaning. This will prevent dirt, water, and debris buildup, increasing the likelihood of slip and fall incidents and damaging your flooring over time.

Use Floor Mats As The First Line Of DefenseFloor mat in entranceway

The first line of defense in keeping facility floors clean is trapping water & debris from incoming foot traffic. The best way to do this is to have quality floor mats placed at every entry point in your building. A 15-foot mat is known to trap 85% of dirt! Having quality entrance mats at your building entrances will trap water, dirt, and debris and prevent them from being tracked onto your warehouse or facility floor. 

Your custodial team has a lot on their plate, and they cannot spend all of their time mopping the floors. Having proper floor mats strategically placed in your facility will help reduce the frequency of needing to mop and will also reduce the probability of slip and fall incidents occurring. 

How Plymate can help design a floor mat system for your facility. 

Choose The Right Cleaning Products & Rotate Mops

Different types of flooring require different cleaning tools, methods, & products, so it’s important to craft a regimen that is specifically designed for the type of flooring in your facility. This is especially true for older buildings with hardwood floors that need special care. Using the wrong soaps, polishers, or wet vs. dry mopping methods could cause damage to your flooring, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. 

It’s also important that the mops you use are rotated & cleaned regularly. Over time, mops can become worn, stained, and ineffective, making it harder to clean your floors. By cleaning and rotating your mops, you can ensure that you always have a fresh, clean mop that will do the job properly. 

Take Advantage Of Facility Service Programs

Facility managers and business owners can take advantage of facility service programs to help keep floors clean during the spring season. Businesses can rent floor mats and mops from a facility service provider who will regularly rotate dirty mats & mops for clean ones, saving you valuable time, effort, and money. 

Plymate offers floor mat rentals and mop rentals as a part of our facility service program to help our customers maintain clean facility floors. Our floor mat experts help our customers design a floor mat system that will fit their facility’s unique needs. We then come by on a customized schedule to switch out used mats for fresh, clean mats, and the same goes for our mop rental program. 

Contact a Plymate representative today to start your customized facility service program!