There’s an App For That: Repair Requests Made Easy

Here at Plymate, we like to make things easy and efficient for our customers.

Practically, this looks like using new technology to our advantage, plus continually making tweaks and improvements to operations. We always aim to do it better than yesterday, in every department and every way possible. One such way? Our new Plymate Repair App. It’s another way our uniform rental services continue to get better and better!

Request Repairs in Under a Minute

Our customers (and our service department) are loving this new mode of communicating repair requests for garments. When a uniform is in need of attention or a repair, customers now have the option of logging into the repair app (simply search “Plymate Repair” in the app store) and letting us know exactly what’s needed and where.

screenshot of repair appThe app’s prompts make the process super simple. Specific repair requests can be communicated within a matter of seconds. Customers first scan or enter the garment’s barcode, take and upload a photo, then cite the issue and include any additional comments. Then…submit!

If you don’t have an Android or an iPhone and can’t use the app, don’t worry. You can always use our Safety Pin repair program to make requests. It’s a lot like it sounds; just attach a safety pin to the white ID tag in your garment and we’ll inspect it in the plant to find the necessary repairs. Our Trak-Mate System lets us know if your garment is being repaired, so rest easy—you won’t ever be shorted a garment.

We’re proud of the level of service we’re able to provide here at Plymate. It’s important to keep revisiting our processes and searching for opportunities to enhance them. The uniform repair process is another example of our commitment to creating a smooth experience for our customers.