The Secrets to Exceptional Customer Retention

Earning new customers is a good thing. Retaining those customers is even better.

Some companies spend a lot of time attracting new business. But when it comes to the long game, keeping one loyal customer is better than gaining two. People build relationships on trust, and trust can break easily. At Plymate, we work extremely hard to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. A recent survey report showed it’s paying off!

This year, a customer rating survey by Market Measurement revealed a higher score for Plymate than any other business surveyed by the firm in 40 years. How does this happen? By concentrating on the areas that matter. So today we’re sharing our secrets to retaining great customers, year after year.

Meet (and then surpass) Your Customers’ Needs. Forever.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but delivering what you promise is paramount to keeping up good customer relations. Some companies might be tempted to over-promise in order to gain business, fail to meet agreed-upon standards, or let the customer experience start on a high note and then taper off over time. At Plymate, we earn customers by telling the truth about what we can provide them and then following through. These relationships strengthen over the years through professionalism and friendliness, and we never let off the gas in this respect. It’s how meaningful, long-term relationships form with customers, and it’s the heart of our business.

Invest in Technology.

Keeping an eye on emerging technology is a great way to ensure your customers are getting the best, most effective services. From our Trak-Mate garment tracking to our super simple Repair App, we leverage the best of technology to streamline our processes and make things easy for our customers.

Be Good to your Team.

One of our core values is recognizing the significance of each Plymate co-worker. It takes a team effort to provide a high level of customer service, so that’s why we believe so strongly in creating a sense of family within our company. Celebrating each person’s efforts, achievements, and hard work helps us to become a better team. And better teams provide better service.

Remember your Beginning.

Plymate’s story began in 1930 with a vision to provide our services with a “customer first” approach and an unwavering commitment to a high ethical standard. Many years have passed since then, and our uniform and floor mat rental company has grown and flourished. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations and lose sight of our beginnings and what matters. Now a fourth generation company, we remind ourselves regularly what we’re here for: our customers. They’re what mattered to Plymate then, what matters now, and what will continue to matter well beyond today.

It brings an incredible mixture of pride and thankfulness to see these survey results. We believe we earn high customer rating marks because we sell to great companies with professional people willing to form lasting partnerships.

Thank you to our amazing co-workers for always doing the right thing and caring about our customers!