Behind the Scenes at Plymate

You know that Plymate is your local uniform rental service, and that we’re known for taking care of our family name and our customers. But have you ever wondered how your uniform rentals and facility management products make it back to your business on time and complete? Well, we have the answer.

Your Plymate rental products are always flawless and hassle-free thanks to our cutting-edge technology, Trak-Mate. Trak-Mate is the secret ingredient that helps us ensure our customers get complete deliveries, on time, everytime. But how do we do it? 

Let’s pretend you’re one of your company’s work shirts and take a ride through a complete laundering service at Plymate. We’ll go behind the scenes and look at how Plymate does it all to ensure your team’s needs are met.

Our Trak-Mate Process

To ensure all uniform rentals arrive to you on time and with accuracy, Plymate follows a specific process. To track your garments, we use ultra high-frequency RFID technology. What’s that, you ask? 

An RFID system consists of a radio transponder, radio receiver and transmitter. When an RFID reader device triggers an electromagnetic interrogation signal, the tag transmits a unique identifying inventory number back to the reader. It’s better than a barcode scanner, because it reduces the risk of human error. It can also read multiple RFID tags at the same time!

Every Plymate garment contains a small, flexible Ultra High Frequency Radio Identification tag, which allows us to not only track your uniforms, but it also gives us data about the garment, from information about the individual wearer, to any specific laundering requirements. What barcode can tell you that??

Fun fact, we use the same RFID technology for our facility mat services. Just like with your uniforms, we collect, clean, and replace old and worn out floor mats when you use our program. Save cost and time spent on floor care by investing in a mat rental program. Plus, they’re customizable! 

Image of Trak-Mate Process

Now, let’s get started on our process! You’re a work shirt that’s been traveling in the back of a truck with other uniforms. You’re just about to arrive at the Plymate facility.

Your dedicated service rep arrives at your location to drop off accurate, fully cleaned uniforms, then pick-up your uniforms and other items to be laundered. This is where the magic begins!

  1. Uniform sorting begins on the truck. We take each load and separate it by garment fabric blend and style for best laundering results. 
  2. Upon arrival at Plymate’s advanced laundering facility, garments are scanned immediately. Every garment has a unique RFID chip so that we can specifically track your rentals to ensure they are the same ones that go back to you. The RFID chip scan also tells us important information about specific care requirements, laundering needs, or repair and maintenance requests submitted by you via our ‘RepairApp’. 
  3. Our experts choose specialized wash formulations, cycle speed, and water temperature based on fabric type. So no worries about excessive shrinkage, damage, or dye! 
  4. When the uniforms are dried they are placed in dryers that tilt when they spin. This is to thoroughly dry the inside of the pockets and the seams of the clothing. Before the items are completely dry they are hung and steamed to eliminate any wrinkles.
  5. We then inspect the garments again and check for things like holes and missing buttons and make repairs or order upgrades when necessary. 
  6. The RFID tags go to work one last time. Garments are sorted and married into specific bundles for each wearer, and then sorted by customer location. This ensures each piece goes back to the correct wearer.
  7. Bundles are loaded onto our trucks and your service representative is on their way to your location the following week with clean, well-cared for uniforms ready to take on any job!

              Thanks to this process and the unique UHF-RFID chip in each garment, Plymate can guarantee 99.9% that your delivery will be complete. If we fail, you’ll receive a credit on your next invoice! 

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              At Plymate we’ve perfected the laundering process and can promise your uniform rental program is in good hands with our experienced team. We’ve taken exceptional care of our customers since 1930, through industry-leading technology and a customer-centric service model. 

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