Supporting Our Customers Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 is impacting everyone, and organizations of all sizes are scrambling to meet the challenges the pandemic throws at them. When it comes to customer relationships and satisfaction, we at Plymate take the high road, even when the high road is the most challenging. COVID-19 forced customer plant shut downs and lay-offs, and when facilities were open, there was often very limited access to some of our customers’ facilities.

We reached out to a few customers recently to see how the pandemic affected them, how they felt our transitions worked for them, and what more we could do to help. Here’s what they had to say!

Nippon Steel

When COVID-19 hit all of us, I could not believe that Plymate, without urging or suggesting from us, took it upon themselves to suspend weekly invoicing on our rental charges, but they did not suspend their superior customer service. This act shows the type of values the management team displays and are carried on throughout the entire Plymate organization. – Kent McNeely, Human Resource Manager

SET Steel

At a time when most everything changed and we all had to chart through the unknown, Dave and Eric stepped up like partners to our business and provided support that was beyond what we even knew we needed at the time. – Victoria Payne, HR and Safety Manager


We are considered an essential business, so we never closed during the COVID-19 shutdowns. Our service techs never experienced an interruption in the uniform service and our floor mats were always replaced on schedule. – Joyce Detterline, Business Manager

Kokomo Auto World

Kokomo Auto World began using Plymate for our uniform, floormat,s and janitorial needs, just as the COVID-19 situation emerged. Plymate was able to provide the exact service we signed up for along with supplying us immediately with some products not discussed in the contract. Their work is consistent with high quality. We don’t even have to think about these services but all goes so smoothly. – Jennifer Harless, Controller

Blue & Company, LLC

I want to recommend the wonderful services that Plymate has provided our location in Columbus, IN. We have been with Plymate for over 5 years. During the recent trying times of COVID-19, our company shut down to vendors coming into our building. Plymate suspended service, upon our request, for a month until we figured out the new process our company had in place for vendors. Plymate was patient and responsive when we needed them. – Jennifer Rutan, Office Manager

It’s no secret that the pandemic has forced many of us to pivot—shifting how we approach our work, and our customers. This continues to be a trying time for all, but with Plymate, you don’t have to worry. If you want to work with a uniform/mat provider that’s here for you and ready to take care of all of your needs without hesitation, please contact us today!