Check It Out! 

Imagine a 4th Generation family owned textile rental service company that is focused on trustworthy, personalized care, and built on employing the latest technology to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Consider the customer service and sales professionals talking to customers and prospects and, often, directing them to the company website… a site that was perfectly fine when it was created, but has lagged behind the technology investments made in the company itself. If you can picture all of that, you’re picturing where we found ourselves last fall 2017.

We knew that we wanted to use the web to better tell our story, and we were pretty sure we should get someone to help us. That’s when we called on the team at Rare Bird to help.

Our conversations with Rare Bird felt right from the very beginning. They quickly understood the difference between Plymate and others in the market, and together, we set a strategy to bring that difference to life on the new website. We explained how our Trak-Mate System keeps track of millions of garments without losing anything. We explained how our personalized inspections and garment repair professionals find — and often fix — problems before our customers even know they exist. We even told a few “I remember when…” stories about our employees finding and returning all manner of personal effects left in garments.

“When we walked into the facility and learned how they operate, we immediately recognized the unique advantage Plymate offers: their marriage of technology with a genuine, hands-on approach to taking care of customers is distinctive,” said Jim Cota, president of Rare Bird. “We couldn’t wait to help them tell their story.”

After some time spent re-imagining what the new site could do to support our business, we set out to find the best way to craft the design and content that would effectively tell our “commitment to technology” story without detracting from our “love the customer” roots. Using a color palette to match our branding, some nifty-on-the-work-floor video, and a friendly illustration to explain how Trak-Mate System works, we knew we were on the road to a winning solution.

Stop by and check it out. We think you’ll be impressed!


Written in collaboration with Jim Cota, CEO/President of Rare Bird