Quick Guide: Visibility Garments

A new year means new goals. Our last blog of 2017 talked about our accomplishments as an organization from a safety perspective. We celebrated over 100 days without a lost-time accident, which is a huge feat in our industry. We are incredibly proud of our safety program here at Plymate and hope to extend that no-lost time record this year, and we want to arm you with the tools to reach your safety goals too.

Last year we made the decision to stock 5 different styles of visibility garments in order to serve our customers better. Having worked closely with utility services, trash collection crews, roadway construction, warehouses, factories, and wrecker services, we know the importance of adhering to ANSI regulated classes for your uniforms to protect your co-workers and business.
Do you know your classification?

Type O, Class 1
Parking/Service Location Workers
Oil & Gas extraction Workers

Type R, Class 2
Forestry Operations
Ship Cargo Loading Operations
Roadway Construction
Utility and railway workers
School crossing guards
Delivery vehicle drivers
High-volume parking and toll gate personnel
Trash collection and recycling operations

Type R, Class 3
Roadway Construction personnel and flaggers
Utility Workers
Survey Crews
Type P, Class 2 & 3
Police Officers
Fire Responders

We get it—image matters. That’s why we picked top of the line safety garments that look good, feel good, and have the capability to have your logo prominently featured.

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