Co-Worker of the Quarter: Meet Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher is Plymate’s Q2 outstanding co-worker, and we’re thrilled to present him with this honor!

Eric’s been with us since 2014 and embodies our belief that co-workers make the difference in our company each and every day. A team player, Eric frequently helps others by showing up to help other Service Representatives with tasks like loading and unloading trucks. He’s great at identifying challenges that arise and more importantly, coming up with workable solutions that help us improve in our areas of service in both uniform and floor mat rental programs. He also takes ownership of his route. He addresses concerns and opportunities without management assistance, using his wise discernment.

Eric’s commitment to teamwork most likely stems from his professional softball career. (Did you know he’s in the National Softball Association‘s Hall of Fame?!) But most impressively, Eric accomplishes all of this while also parenting two young boys battling cystic fibrosis. His dedication stretches across every area of his life and it’s a pleasure to recognize him as our Q2 outstanding co-worker for all his hard work. It’s important to us as a company to remember our values, and take time to honor those who uphold them with us.

Hats off to Eric Fisher for all he contributes to our success here at Plymate!