Plymate’s Uniform Program: Designed to Save You Time

Nobody wants to spend massive amounts of time absorbed in the details of their company’s uniforms. And they shouldn’t have to, especially when it can be easily managed by a knowledgeable provider! At Plymate, we rely on time-tested systems and a unique way of doing business that make our uniform program a well-oiled machine. Our job is to take the pressure off you and protect your time, and here’s exactly how we do it.

We’re Big Believers in the Power of Technology.

Why? Because it streamlines and simplifies our processes and makes us far more productive. Our Service Representatives use handheld devices that provide easy access to invoices, as well as make real time updates to accounts. We email our invoices and statements to customers for better access and reference. And we place Trak-Mate System tags in every single garment (and mat) to track every move it makes, ensuring accurate delivery to the customer 99% of the time. We watch your items like a hawk. 

We Always Stay One Step Ahead.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes, and we find that to be very true in our uniform program. At Plymate, we take time up front to prevent any potential problems, thus saving lots of time (and headaches) down the road. A few ways we do this? We fit every new hire within your organization to ensure correct sizing out of the gate. We take a proactive approach to service agreement renewals, so you’re never hit with surprises or feel trapped. And we find and repair 95% of garment issues before our customers even notice them. 

We Keep Things Moving. 

Our Service Representatives know our customers’ time is valuable. That’s why we make sure to use as little of it as possible, so you can focus on your business while we focus on your uniform program. Inbound calls go directly to a live Plymate co-worker, ready to help answer your questions quickly and thoroughly. Our Service Representatives always get approval from the key contact before adding products to avoid any confusion or delay. And we operate under a flat organization model, which translates to quick decision-making without wasted time—all great benefits to our customers!