Plymate’s Environmental Initiatives

Earth Day calls for appreciating this planet that we live on! Although we dedicate a full day to celebrating our home each year, we should be conscious of the environment daily. That’s why we prioritize eco-friendly initiatives, being aware of our environmental footprint, and engaging in green practices at Plymate.

Plymate’s Laundry Processes

We keep our products like garments, mats, towels, etc. in service as long as they meet our standards because we understand the green impact of reusable garments. Our laundry process uses detergent that meets EPA Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI). SDSI detergents have safer compounds that help protect aquatic life and reduce pollution in both salt and freshwater. That’s a win for all of us! And of course, in an industry such as ours, the amount of water used during the laundering process can be overwhelming, but we’re dedicated to reusing filtered water, reclaiming heat from the water used in processing, and filtering all of our waste water.

Our Commitment to Reusing and Recycling

Recycling is such a huge practice when it comes to thinking green! The team at Plymate recycles and reuses in more ways than one, making sure to never leave an opportunity missed. Hangers are always reused, as long as they’re in working condition, and damaged ones are properly recycled, and we recycle plenty of paper and ink cartridges. Plymate is also an active member of the Reconnect Partnership Recycling Program to ensure our commitment to recycling! Sometimes recycling and reusing requires a little creativity, but we’re committed to getting it done however we can.

Green Priorities

Our environmental initiatives don’t stop at client services or recycling and reusing items; Plymate facilities and operations have the planet in mind as well. We’ve invested in LED lighting to save energy, we donate old computers, monitors, and printers, and we utilize SMART thermostat controls. We also evaluate each service vehicle route to minimize driving and lower gas use, ensuring that commuter miles and utility costs are optimized. Thinking green is more than just a simple task. At Plymate, it’s a lifestyle, and that’s why we’ve found ways to incorporate sustainability into as many areas of our business as we can.

We go the extra mile to reduce our environmental footprint, because our planet should be taken care of daily. This Earth Day, we hope you can gather inspiration from us and rethink some of your own business practices! Read more about our environmental initiatives and contact us today to get your environmentally conscious program started.