Plymate vs. Our Competitors

Plymate does things a little differently than our competitors when it comes to customer service agreements. We treat our customers like people—not dollar signs.

Our sales and service staff are up front in explaining the components of our service agreements. We don’t use tactics like automatic renewal without prior consent, and we don’t accept just any signature on a contract renewal agreement to trap a customer into continuing service with us.

Our price increase clause states that we can take an annual price increase, not that we will.  And when we say annual, we mean annual or less often, not annual and more often.

We also don’t trap our customers into long, impossible automatic renewals. We meet with customers well before the agreement expires or auto renews, so we mutually understand our commitments and obligations to one another.

But the most notable difference between Plymate and our competitors is our basic confidence in our ability to provide the best service in the market. Our unprecedented Service Guarantee proves that.  Should we fail to meet your expectations, you can walk away from Plymate free and clear, with Plymate refunding your last month’s rental fees AND payment of your first month’s rental fees with your new supplier. It’s our guarantee to you, our customer.

We’ve been servicing Hoosiers since 1930. And we can boast a 96% customer retention rate year over year for the reasons stated above. We have witnessed many unethical practices from some of our competitors throughout our history in this business.  We promised ourselves we wouldn’t become that kind of company, and 88 years later, we’re still doing that. You will not find a friendlier service agreement in the Industry.

How can we offer this? We are just that GOOD!