Plymate Sustainability Efforts

As we approach Earth Day 2022, our commitment to sustainability is top of mind. At Plymate, we are committed to making our community a better place for our friends and family. As a locally owned business, we take pride in putting extra effort and time into the things that are important to us like our customers and community. With the health of our planet in mind, Plymate continues to build upon our green initiatives to help create a better environment and do our part. 

The Uniform Rental Difference

At Plymate, we take extra steps to reduce our environmental footprint. The very nature of industrial laundering is more environmentally friendly than at-home laundering. All our water is filtered and reused in our wash processes. Which makes the Plymate laundry process highly water and energy-efficient. Eco-friendly wash formulations are designed to optimize energy use per load which extends the life of each reusable textile.

Reusing and Recycling Hangers

Wire hangers are used industry-wide in the uniform rental business. Some companies let customers collect unwanted hangers or throw them away- but not us! In our effort to protect the environment, we ask our customers to hold onto the hangers. We then pick up the hangers when we collect the soiled garments. Our team then evaluates the hangers to see which ones can be used again. For the unsalvageable ones, we recycle them. 

Reduce Waste with Plymate Floor Mat Rentals

Reusable shop towels, mops, and commercial floor mats from Plymate offer less expensive and more sustainable options when compared to disposable products. Floor mats that are purchased and not cleaned on a regular basis become saturated with dirt and debris which is then spread and tracked throughout your facility. Commercial floor mat rentals from Plymate are picked up and cleaned on a regular basis, ensuring that your facility and floors stay in tip-top shape all year round.

The mats we use with our rental services are extremely high quality, well maintained, and washed frequently. They will last for a very long time whereas purchased mats are typically thrown away and replaced annually, which takes up more landfill space. Rental floor mats from Plymate are far more effective and sustainable when compared to disposable mats.

All of our efforts are focused on saving energy, reducing waste, and helping our customers reduce or control costs all while delivering value to them every single week. Contact us today to learn more and find the perfect rental program for your business!